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Joint statement on Health and Care Bill in Queens Speech and Feb 2021 Government White Paper: Integration and innovation: working together to improve health and social care for all

We call on the Government to halt the rollout of Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) in the English NHS, and the further changes set out in the February 2021 White Paper and NHSE proposals for reform of the payment system. The proposals represent a major reorganisation of the NHS, with far-reaching consequences for patients and staff including:
  • increased scope for privatisation and deregulation of the market
  • private companies potentially represented on ICS boards and at the heart of NHS management
  • lack of transparency, reduced accountability to local authorities and loss of voice for local communities
  • unexplored implications for social care
  • major potential impacts on staff, including loss of nationally agreed pay, terms and conditions; flexible working across locations and job roles; and professional deregulation
  • reduced access to face-to-face appointments and increased reliance on digital apps
  • confidential patient data which has huge commercial value and potential for future misuse - in the hands of multinational corporates
We demand an extended and meaningful consultation with the public, NHS staff and unions, and Parliament, to decide how health and social care services should be provided in England.
999 Call for the NHS
Calderdale and Kirklees 999 Call for the NHS
Doctors for the NHS
Doctors in Unite
Health Campaigns Together
Just Treatment
Keep Our NHS Public
National Pensioners Convention
NE London Save Our NHS
Politics of Health Group
Save Liverpool Women's Hospital Campaign
Socialist Health Association
Tower Hamlets Keep Our NHS Public
We Own It

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To read more about the proposed legislation, see briefings from Public Matters and Keep Our NHS Public.