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Faced with a choice between largely false promises, on the one hand, and no promises, on the other, the latest election reflected a failure of the two main political parties, whose membership makes up less than 1% of the electorate, to reflect the needs of the British constituency.

Where individuals were better known and had specific objectives people had confidence to support the politicians concerned with more conviction. Mayors, Wales and Scotland all signal the demise of relevance of the Westminster bubble to the countries of the United Kingdom. This has left England and Northern Ireland with the usual choice between false promises and no promises at all; a propositional desert.

Muddling through

The feel good effect of the vaccination roll out has favoured a government that had the gall to claim credit when all credit should go to the National Health Service that delivered. Voters seem oblivious of the fact that Conservatives have spent decades hollowing out the NHS through incremental privatisation and destaffing. The early higher death rates from Covid-19 can be linked to this as well as the government's failure to follow up on the recommendations of a strategic study into contingency requirements for possible pandemics. They even took advantage of the crisis to accelerate privatization through a string of dodgy service contracts handed to acquaintances with no prior experience in delivering the goods and services contracted. Their excuse was the urgency but many such contracts failed to deliver making such an argument null and void.

The rise of the Greens is a welcomed result but when this current crisis is over, reality will set in. This should be some audit and realizations that include:

1. The politicized so-called "independent" Bank of England's quantitative easing has been a disaster for the majority in its provision of an operational basis for a perfect framework for the government's ideological obsession with austerity associated with a massive asset inflation, benefiting the wealthy, declining supply side investment, productivity and real wages.

2. Boris Johnson basking in the local authority gains stated that, "... people are more interested in jobs" than those things which illustrate an intellectual and moral corruption of the government and lack of honesty on his part. The employment situation has been a function of flawed policies applied by Conservative, Labour and the coalition governments and a deepening destruction imposed by monetary policies. People were becoming more concerned with work conditions long before Covid-19. This is why the precarious state of the economy only needed the Brexiteers to blame the EU for the economic situation to secure a decision for Brexit. Thus, the Conservatives drew in the Red Wall voters on the basis of false promises. Building back better, at the moment is an empty promise. Public works do not generate sustained employment and wages paid as a function of increasing productivity arising from strategic investments and innovation.
Leveson II canceled to cover up sleaze and worse

Leveson Part Two was the Inquiry which was designed to get to the bottom of police corruption in relation to the press. Like a well-staffed AC-12, with all its work carried out in public. Like DCI Hastings, Sir Brian Leveson is an experienced and unimpeachable investigator.

Then in 2018, Matt Hancock canceled this inquiry. The public supported the Inquiry and Sir Brian Leveson backed it. But the press, the police and the Government feared it. And sure enough Matt Hancock, as Culture Secretary at the time, got it terminated.

3. Monetary policy and the economic theoretical base of macroeconomic management has been shown to be flawed, and yet the government pursues policies that repetitively fail for the majority but benefit a small minority who just happen to be closely associated with Conservative party benefactors and those who own the mainstream media.

4. Jeremy Corbyn has made media independence an essential issue. Besides his own experience with an ignorant self-serving media that helped brainwash many with a significant misrepresentation of his past and current activities, many more know that the media scene in the United Kingdom is unacceptable. The government never progressed to Leveson II (see right) from the recommendations made by Lord Justice Leveson, but as usual allows the corrupt to administer their own "regulatory regime".

Corbyn has also been active through the PJP in resisting the government's intent to enable the banning of peaceful demonstrations, one of the last means of protest open to the people of this country. He is actively involved on issues that matter to the future of our democracy.

5. Boris Johnson has noticed the centre of gravity of political power moving away from Westminster and he knows that the NHS can now finish the job of completing the first vaccination campaign without his help. However he has introduced a diversionary smothering displacement tactic of calling the leaders to a meeting as "Team UK"; yet another gimmick. Somewhat along the lines of Joe Biden attempting to curry together international meetings over which the US presides as leader. The lack of effective government and effective leadership in Westminster is likely to strengthen the resolve of the devolved assemblies to extract more power in order to address the needs of their electorates.

6. Peter Mandelson, has a mission to somehow transform Starmer into Blair II and the shadow cabinet is in flux. He had the gall to attribute the poor showing of Labour in the election on the "...long shadow of Jeremy Corbyn" while forgetting that millions have lost any faith in Labour because of the impact on that party of the "...long shadow of Netanyahu" encouraging the unbecoming antics and disruption of the party, ably publicized and blow up by the mainstream media. This led to religious fanatics in the party engineering the removal their elected leader in line with the wishes of an alien country whose Apartheid policies Jeremy Corbyn opposed. Some of these fanatics have openly declared, as members of the Labour party, support for the dreadful Apartheid policies of the colonial power who since 1948 has pursued a brutal dispossession and arbitrary extra-judicial murder of the people of Palestine. With no action being taken against them.

7. What the Labour party has accomplished, and those within the party do not appear to be aware of this, is the loss of support of many rational socialists who are not a militant left wing but people whose family experience with the holocaust engendered a humane pragmatic view on human affairs. Many of these are of the Jewish faith. They consider the definition of antisemitism to provide protection of Israel from criticism and, therefore, this is used indirectly by the State of Israel as a mechanism run an international campaign of accusing anyone who criticises Israel of being antisemitic. As a result all of those Jews who have a particularly objective and realistic view on the ills of the Israeli Apartheid state and who express a desire to give more consideration to the oppressed party, the Palestinians, whose land Israel occupies, have been accused of being, "the wrong type of Jew". These individuals, many who have been dedicated Labour members and made important contribution were shouted down, to shut them up in open meetings in the Labour party. Others, who had passed through the Holocaust were openly insulted and accused on being Kapos. Kapos were those Jews, in Nazi concentration camps, who in fear of their lives, assisted the camp administrators, usually in a brutal fashion. The fanatics who followed this line of the Israeli government succeeded arranging for the Labour party to cancel the memberships of these life-long Labour members. This is a completely unacceptable state of affairs and is a sign of the empty hypocritical socialism of the Labour party. This is one reason why the Labour party has lost any appeal for those whose lifelong understanding of socialism has been to give consideration to the oppressed. The Labour party has lost this important empathetic line of consideration.

8. Therefore the official definition of antisemitism which understandably is a list of the sensitive comments that arise from a condition of paranoia originating in a prolonged period of historic persecution. Those who defend and wish to disseminate the acceptance of this shameful list fail to detect the reasons for paranoia of others emanating from this same list as those who have suffered at the hands of Israel aggression for some 73 years as a reason for antisemitism. Why should their rights recede as a direct function of the advance of the rights of those wishing to promote acceptance of this list? This state of affairs is dangerous as can be seen in the significant loss of standing and of the image of the Labour party. This raises a question for many as to why anyone should seriously expect British voters support a party that is under the control of an alien power?.

9. The reason that Starmer is poorly placed to understand the permanent damage to the Labour party of this antisemitism spectacle is that he is emotionally involved being married to someone of that faith. This is not a criticism of Starmer but rather a statement of fact explaining his hapless situation and compromised position leading to an inability to lead. It does however explain why he ended up insisting on removing the whip from Jeremy Corbyn on a permanent basis when in fact he should have recused himself. Any other action would have likely risked his political assassination at the hands of the same group within his party. No one is to be trusted and the paranoia of those who suffered under the Holocaust has been twisted into a paranoia on the part of those who fear being accused of being antisemitic; this is the Israeli tactic.

Come back Jeremy Corbyn!

Many who have left Labour talk of the lack of "fizz" in the party. With Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell, there was so much going on including the development of new economic policies which were well-regarded by economists. As an effective campaigner Corbyn ended up doubling party membership within two years so it became the biggest UK party and the largest and most significant socialist party in Europe.

With the UK media assisting the Israeli campaign against Corbyn the party has become unattractive and is continuing to lose members. This whole saga has been destructive to the party and to UK democracy and has left millions without real representation.
10. Moving from the malign territories of the Conservative sleaze and the internal controlling paranoia within the Labour party there is, in reality, a basis for hope for the future if UK democracy. The Greens have advanced and they need to consolidate these gains to create a foundation for further expansion. The Greens are free from the awful sleaze surrounding the Conservatives and the fast loss of relevance of the Labour party's hollow socialism. When the "current crisis" is over, let us say in 9 months time, maybe before, the cold light of day will cause the UK constituency to earnestly seek those who are trustworthy, consistent and can be relied upon. Caroline Lucas, Jonathan Bartley and Sian Berry all talk sense and are trustworthy so it makes sense for people to send them ideas so as to broaden the scope of their command and understanding of the gaps and needs to be addressed. There also need to be more contributions in the form of serious propositions for policies to strengthen the current Green portfolio. The danger is the normal one facing political parties in the United Kingdom. As soon as progress is made attempts to capture and influence their agenda begin through the media and financial contributions. This form of capture and corruption has afflicted the Conservative party for a long time. Labour has hollowed itself out and has no media support and it is unlikely that anyone wishes to challenge Israel's hold.

11. Many thought Jeremy Corbyn would form a separate political party when he launched The Peace and Justice Project (PJP). Many still wish he would do so. Given the demise of the Labour party might make this a risk that is worth taking he is already busy enough pursuing several "projects" involving thousands of volunteers. In addition the PJP has inspired several offshoots, some independent of the PJP, such as Corbynista. Many of these have been started by articulate professionals who have become disillusioned by the two main parties and progress by these groups seems to be slow, largely because most have day jobs. Contrary to the dire predictions of the mainstream media, so-called, this has not given rise to a new Trotsky hard left movement but rather one where analyses, social, economic and environmental, all continue Jeremy Corbyn's philosophy while leader of the Labour party of, "for the many, not the few". Jeremy Corbyn has been treated badly by the UK media, the Labour party, Israel and by the Conservative party's vulgar cynicism. But he is doing something positive, he is consistent and honest; a rarity in UK party politics

12. The Corbynista group have identified an significant area of development which, post-Covid-19, is likely to be more significant than the babble from the Westminster bubble. This is a forensic analysis of current economic theory and concentrating on the development of both theory and policies which uphold the interests of the majority on a feasible financial basis. The exciting aspect is that this is that all benefit as a result of a rejection of the zero-sum approach of policies applied so far. Not being a UK political party and privately controlled there is no danger of capture by wily financiers or the less than free UK media.