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26/02/2022: The APEurope Correspondents' Pool ran a workshop to review why Western intel and military train neo-Nazi and fascist militia in Europe. This is an established fact that is seldom referred to in Western media.

The decision by Russia to support the Donbas against creeping genocide is linked to the activities of such militia. In addition to Germany, Russia had an appalling experience at the hands of fanatics following this creed. The rise of these elements now is reminiscent of the gangs and militia that arose before Hitler rose to power with their support. Leon Trotsky criticised the Communist party directly, at the time, for not recognizing the existential danger that this movement represented. Trotsky, who was proven right, demanded that it be stamped out quickly. Lack of a quick response by Stalin led to well over 25 million Russians perishing in the war that followed. The fact that so far over 14,000 people have perished in the Donbas raises the question as to why do Western intel and military train neo-Nazi militia?

The techniques adopted by intel agencies are designed to support projected locational-states in terms of what is required by the ruling elites to protect their interests at different points in time and by various means.

Since the European and North American scenarios are slated as democracies it is therefore necessary for operations to work within the range of political views of the population. In this way a considerable number of voters will support, unwittingly, political parties expressing some given position but within which there are extreme elements used to prevent aspects of declared aims from being accomplished while undeclared aims are accomplished.

The tactics applied by intel agencies are to promote one extreme end of the general political dogma supported and to infiltrate the other end of the spectrum and then use the media to demoralize the more moderate centre as being weak and even unpatriotic. The main function of media is to coralle the thought processes of the majority to be in general support of the chosen perspective selected by the factional power elite's interests.

The general techniques applied, for example, have been to demonize those who support the mixed economy as "socialists" or even, in the heat of arguments as "communists" or even, oddly enough, as "Trotskyists" as brandings that are associated with those who suppress freedom through authoritarianism and tyrannical arbitrary rule while associating their chosen pathway as being the only rational patriotic position promoting "freedom, democracy and the rule of law." The technique used by the media is the same technique applied by Goebbels, Hitler's prime propagandist, that by repeating a lie a sufficient number of times, people begin to believe that lie. This also means to maintain the image of the state it is necessary to prevent the constituents gaining access to the truth.

The media apply a technique of a drip, drip, mode of repetitive negative stereotyping of specific people such as President Putin of Russia so as to create a negative image. In general terms there has been a general tendency to, over time, associate socialism or communism with unacceptable practices or states. There has also been a tendency to associate work with patriotism, accusing those without work and receiving social security of being lazy. While in isolated cases this might be true, this accusation is generalized as a failure to admit that government economic policies continue to support those who fund the political parties themselves while maintaining a state of affairs where the less influential population segments, who are wage-earners, see their real incomes remaining stationary of declining.

First of all, it is important to understand the grouping of Nazi and Fascist ideologies.

Fascism was developed under Mussolini in Italy and took on a relatively simple form. Political decisions relating to the economy rested largely in the hands of large corporations and the government’s role was to protect the population from external “enemies”, real or imagined, by keeping a state of tension with respect to threats, the population became subject to conditions, not set by the normal democratic process, but rather by the decisions of the management of large corporations. The dynamic used to prevent excessive demands from the populous was to maintain the notion of external threats, which meant corporations who produce arms had a considerable amount of say in foreign policy.

The Nazi creed was, in essence, very similar but there was an aberration linked to notions of ethnic purity or Adolph Hitler’s notion of the pure Arian race. Mussolini, in fact, thought this aspect of Hitler to be somewhat insane. However, this Nazi approach had a self-reinforcing aspect of rather than keeping people in fear, propaganda was used to criticise and encourage attacks on the Roma and Jews. The propaganda asserted that Roma and Jews were responsible for the defects of German society or the status of Germany following World War 1. However, the state of affairs creating this hatred arose from the aftermath of the fateful Trianon Settlement imposed by the UK, France and USA on the Austrian-German-Hungarian Empire. This was so harsh that Winston Churchill, at the time, commented that this sowed the seeds for the next world war.

The rejection and bad treatment furnished on the vanquished involved the demonization of Germans in an attempt to impose shame and an inferiority complex which created widespread resentment amongst Germans. This led to a situation where Hitler’s appeal of the wronged Arian race became an attractive way to re-establish the confidence and support of Germans. However, the central agents within the Nazi circles and the SS saw the final solution, that is the extermination of Roma and Jews, as the way to make society “clean” and to make progress. Today, if one talks to members of the neo-Nazi militia in the Ukraine who have been trained by US intel and military personnel, they usually hold the same belief that, to get rid of societal differences, the best solution is to kill Russians and Russian-speakers. Their comfort in expressing this extreme conviction is bolstered by the fact that the Ukrainian government, supposedly representing the population of the Ukraine, has outlawed the Russian language in commerce or its teaching in schools. As a result, there is a generalized rejection of Russians. This bolsters the convictions of the neo-Nazi militia members of the righteousness of their beliefs and objectives. At the same time, since 2014 and the US-coordinated bloody coup, the Ukrainian government has pursued a creeping genocide in the Donbas region where most Russian-speakers live. The convenience of the neo-Nazi militia is that they provide a form of plausible deniability in that the Ukrainian government denies that they are attacking and murdering Russian speakers in the Donbas while neo-Nazi militia carry out this task.

The ongoing training of neo-Nazi groups continues because funding is provided from the USA for this purpose. It is not clear whether the "training" provided by the UK government involves these militia; it probably does. This is because many of their members are embedded in the National Guard (Ukrainian army). The general conviction is that neo-Nazis are more committed and extreme and therefore a more effective fighting force than regular Ukrainian soldiers.

More generally, the background justification for this support, is that the state of the economy over the last 50 years has created and consolidated the economic and financial power of a tiny elite whose main source of income is the holding and transaction of assets. On the other hand, the majority of population making up around 98% of the population, rely on wages. The majority of this segment of the population throughout Europe, USA and UK, have seen their real purchasing power decline over the same period.

Intel strategy groups know that there are growing calls for alternative means of managing the economy including ways the power elites oppose. Therefore, at the margin it is useful to have mercenaries with the "right" attitude to be ready to intimidate or kill those who advocate policies and political changes to introduce, for example, policies that are more equitable. The governing elite have a zero-sum game mentality in not believing that it is possible to distribute income more justly without their loss of economic status and power. Such policy discussions are considered to be potentially dangerous. This is a reason why the past Fascist military takeovers in Brazil, Argentina and later Chile involved the murder of young intellectuals who were articulate and fully aware of the dangers to the general public and would disseminate this information to the general public. This aligns with the Goebbels' logic of the importance of the state preventing the public having access to the truth. Those advocating change were and are often ridiculed and made little of in the media. The absolutist position is that there is no alternative.

Naturally, politicians and central bank governors or the international financial institutions and corporations keep a significant distance between themselves and any individuals that might have any known association with violent militia. Those who get close to these groups and work with them are kept in the shadows and they include intel organizations, military and some policing agencies.

Fundamentally, the neo-Nazi and Fascist objectives are to maintain the balance of power in the hands of the tiny elite whose wealth is bolstered by current central bank and macroeconomic policy frameworks currently based on monetarism. In their understanding, popular and peaceful protests on unrelated matters can get out of hand or be made to get out of hand. It is notable that movements such as banker occupation, black lives matter and stop the war coalition-type movements are coming under increasingly restrictive legislation using the police as the first line of oppression. Police are becoming increasingly militarized and distanced from direct contact with the public so as to facilitate violent counter-protest actions. The training provided by Israeli instructors to Western police forces increasingly treat constituents as "the enemy" and include increasingly brutal methods in several countries police forces are being supplied with military equipment.

The amount of experience with genuine public protests by neo-Nazi and Fascist elements is considerable. Usually they take advantage of a genuine spontaneous pubic movements with a view to manipulating them to create an outcome to the benefit of the power elite including foreign countries, such as the USA. The best recent example is how the popular Maidan colour-type "revolution" was hijacked by the neo-Nazi agents, politicians and finally militia, turning it into a murderous affair in support of an open USA State Department organization of a coup and regime change. A democratically elected Ukrainian government was toppled in favour of "leaders" selected by the State Department. The control of the media was such that, even to this day, some of the Ukrainian constituents believe that the 2014 was a simple democratic transition. Many remain in denial or are genuinely ignorant of the degree to which events were manipulated by the USA using proxy militia. The current military intervention in the Ukraine by Russia is regrettable but the statement that Russia has reintroduced war to Europe is not true, this process was initiated by the USA a supposed ally of Europe. The failure of the "West" to take note of Russia's complaints concerning this and the rise of Nazism and creeping genocide in the Donbas in the Ukraine led to the current state of affairs.

A good, dated article in our sister medium, RealNews-online.com entitled, "Freedom and the politics of fear" provides a more detailed discussion concerning Fascism.