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03/03/2022: The evolution of economies during the last 75 years involved a significant change in the relationship between governments, their electorates and economic sector business owners. Between 1945 and 1965 the UK saw a growth in real incomes of wage earners, a decline in income disparity and full employment. This all came to an end with stagflation which was caused by a seven-fold increase in the price of petroleum between 1973 and 1983.

The USA had broken its agreement under the terms of the Bretton Woods agreement to support the Gold standard, in 1971. As a result stagflation impacts were intensified since currencies had no backing. The Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, Johans Witeveen, a Moslem, arranged for the accumulating petrodollars in OPEC to be recirculated back to the USA and European financial intermediaries and central banks where businesses and political parties benefited from the high price of petroleum and took the pressure off OPEC. For a while, Saudi Arabia, for example, had been at risk of military intervention. This is why governments never made the effort to reduce the reliance of the USA and Europe on petroleum. This lack of adjustment is why today the energy problem still impact the lives of citizens worldwide some 50 years later. In essence OPEC had been allowed, through the offices of the IMF, to extend their local habit of keeping local leaders in line with chests full of dollars, to the USA and Europe. This is why the UK, for example, began a range of armament and plane deals with Saudi Arabia and why the military budgets in the USA took off. It is also the case that the prices being charged for such goods and services were well above normal commercial prices to pack in a series of illicit payments to agents and politicians.

Financial regulations imposed following the New York Stock Exchange Crash in 1929 and the Great Depression, became irksome to companies and banks with access to so much cash and so pressure was brought to bear on governments to remove these regulations. This relaxation was brought about by central banks to support policies incentivised by political party response to business lobbies who funded politicians and political parties.

The associated evolution over the last 75 years was that constituents as voters were distanced from any participation in economic policy questions. As a result the corporate statism which basically a Fascist economic framework, took hold. During this same period globalization resulted in investment in supply side production of goods and services in the USA and UK to dry up. The result was an expanding services sector with poor wages and a deskilling of industry and manufacturing also resulting in unemployment and lower wages. The Rust Belt in the USA expanded just as the depressed industrial zones in the UK. This situation therefore shaped the economy into the classic Fascist model where decisions on policy are taken by economic sector leaders and the government's role was that of "protecting the people" who have no say whatsoever in policy decisions.

The situation of the constituent becomes more precarious because real incomes are declining and therefore the risk associated with requesting better conditions or pay can result in loss of employment or just point blank refusal when the same governments provide various cash benefits to companies. As a result, over time, the majority of society become compliant, first and foremost to the demands imposed upon them by the economic priorities of business ownership and of government who begin to use the excuse of "budget affordability" in refusing to raise pulic service wages and even to begin to restrict forms of protection such as unemployment benefits. Rather than grow the economy a zero-sum game supports business rather than the electorate.

Today in the UK, long before Covid-19 struck, the UK economy had bottomed out as a direct result of inappropriate policies for the majority of the country. Today the electorate has no say in macroeconomic policies and political parties don't place this topic in manifestos. Such questions are handled by the executive and the "experts" in the Bank of England which, being independent, has no effective parliamentary oversight.

Typical of the Fascist mentality is the restricted sense of purpose that does not tolerate differences of opinion. The whole of society is cowed by a collective cowardice which attracts criticism of those who do not want to be associated with any views that might upset those with power over their employment or social status. This terrifying reality has emerged on social media and high tech communications services where points of view not complying with the "accepted norm" result in those expressing such views and canceled by removing them from the media concerned. This affront of free expression and lack of tolerance for sometimes interesting and original as well as useful viewpoints is damaging society, it is constraining academic freedom and regimenting thought processes to a chilling automoton program which only has one option and therefore supports the unacceptable mantra that "There is no alternative".

Since in life there are usually many alternatives to resolving most situations and the nature of life is heterogeneity rather than a regimented singular visions, it became accepted for Fascists and Nazis to be very intolerant to people who were different from those who complied with increasingly imposed "norms". This started with the identification of Roma, who followed a different free life style, and Jews who followed a different religion being singled out as being incapable of conformity to the norm. Rather than enter into dialogues to resolve real or imagined differences the preferred solution was to eliminate this nonconformity by murdering members of these communities. The objective was to make society "free" from Roma and Jews. Such an extreme action, although horrific was tolerated by the majority of the rest of society because all had been reduced to reliance on the "system" to the degree that no one could express their true feeling simply because to counter what was going on could result in one's cancellation, suffering imposed on family members or one's own death. Everyone therefore was subjected to a tyranny or arbitrary decisions by those selected to oversee different aspects of society from the military or business owners who gained advantage from using Roma and Jews as free labour until they died of exhaustion.

One of Hitler's favourite inventions were the "Peoples' Courts" where people were dragged in, shouted at and insulted by a crowd of constituents all trapped by the same system but fearful of not joining in the haranguing of the individuals concerned. Quite often such individuals would be condemned to death with absolutely no due process.

Politicians are themselves part of this system in that they act in such as way so as not to upset their benefactors. So we observe the "new" leadership of the Labour party tolerating the expulsion of "the wrong type of Jew" and the open attack on people whose whole philosophy is that of being against war and the killing of fellow beings. We also have the grotesque spectacle of the Prime Minister in a recent speech expressing in the Ukrainian language the very statement adopted by the Ukrainian neo-Nazis who murdered thousands of Roma and Jews on behalf of the Waffen SS and whose current representatives have murdered thousands of Russian-speakers in the Donbas region of the Ukraine during the last 8 years. Such politicians in a grotesque cross-party show egged on by a ridiculously sychophantic Speaker stood to applaud the representative of a Ukrainian government responsible for the continued attempt to murder of their own citizens in the Donbas. As we can see, following the US violent coup in Ukraine in 2014, the Russian-speakers in the Donbas and Crimea, observing how the US State Department had used the neo-Nazi groups to intimidate people in Maidan did not have to wait from the open brutal murder of Russian-speakers in Odessa. They all voted to declare independence from Ukraine with no prompting from Russia.

The Ukraine government, and their State Department minders, did not expect this completely understandable and justified initial act of survival by these Ukrainian minority communities. The government reaction was not to initiate a dialogue to come to an accommodation they simply decided to murder these communities, just as similar factions did during the Second World War.

Most MPs in the British parliament said nothing about this but awaited the pronouncements from the US State Department. Since the State Department had organized the bloody coup with the help of neo-Nazis, they naturally made no comment but their intent was exposed by sending trainers to help the neo-Nazi militia refine their killing skills.

While the MPs chant a chorus that they stand for freedom and democracy in Ukraine they fail to understand that there is no such thing in Ukraine. The ongoing murder of their own ethnic minorities is sufficient proof of this fact. However, the government moves to remove the access of the British population to information of the ongoing murder in the Donbas. The cowed Ukrainian population either support this horrendous activity or they prefer not to discuss this inconvenient truth. Handing out excessive amounts of armaments to such a government and "encouraging" them can only extend the suffering of all concerned.

The economic policy framework operating under corporate statism has brought Europe and Britain back to the days before World War 2. Then, as now, the problem is that our country lacks a rational political leaderships with a sufficient concern for the security of the people of the country to have the courage to not appease any aspect of Fascism and Nazism as well as the powers that willingly use these evils to secure their political and economic ends.

The recent observations by Sergey Lavrov, the Russian Foreign Minister, on how the USA State Department has achieved a domination of Europe, something that Hitler and Napoleon were never able to achieve, is apposite given the antics of our political class. It is of note that the Russian government, aware of the actual situation, has made Fascism the main topic of the next Congress accompanying the 8th International Military-Technical Forum "Army 2022" to be held on August 15-21, 2022. The name of this Congress is the First International Anti-Fascist Congress. It is doubtful that the UK government will send representatives to learn more about this topic.