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The launch of Jeremy Corbyn's PPJ - Project for Peace & Justice

Jeremy Corbyn has launched a new project "Peace & Justice". These general themes and in fact one and represent a courageous step towards making whole the agendas of mainstream discourses on issues of concern. This has been conspicuously missing from so-called mainstream politics in the United Kingdom and the world in general since the last war and, as a result, people, worldwide have experienced the ravages and results of warfare and rising levels on injustice linked to a widening range of issues that are denying increasing numbers fair and just treatment.

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Jeremy Corbyn's Project for Peace & Justice has the following stated mission:

"To bring people together for social and economic justice, peace, and human rights, in Britain and across the world.

The Peace and Justice Project will back campaigns, commission reports and develop progressive networks in Britain and across the world.

The Peace and Justice Project will work with labour and social movements and provide platforms to those campaigning for change for the many, not the few."

Launch of Project for Peace and Justice will be on January 17, 2021 this Project will be launched via an online encounter as a global push for peace and justice, with Jeremy Corbyn and speakers from around the world. The PPJ press release on this launch states:

"After a year of crisis and upheaval, this has to be the year that we bring people together across borders and backgrounds to find solutions to our shared problems and stand up for a just future

Take part in a Q&A with figures including anti-apartheid campaigner and minister in Nelson Mandela’s government Ronnie Kasrils, union leaders Baroness Christine Blower and Len McCluskey, young climate justice leader Scarlett Westbrook, and former Greek socialist finance minister Yanis Varoufakis.

Beyond what has been laid out above, CybaCity is unaware of the specific direction the PPJ will take. However, what has become very evident since the announcement in mid-December, increasing numbers of have expressed interest in providing financial contributions and becoming members of Corbyn's Project.

Our own focus group came to the following conclusions:

With an effective campaigner at its head, this Project is likely to be highly successful in terms of attracting membership from across society and, in particular, the youth of this country. This is linked to the credibility of Jeremy Corbyn's life long commitment to Peace and Justice for all. This has continued in spite of proactive and, in most cases, dishonest campaigns in attempting to discredit his record through misrepresentation of past events and taking his statements out of context.

Corbyn has always set an good example in never making personal attacks on many who deserve more exposure of their deeds. Members of other political parties, and including some Labour MPs as well as members of some religions have been willing to level personal insults and make accusations that for an increasing number of people, have no justification.

There is little doubt that the Labour Party will lose a sizeable portion of its current membership, during 2021, to this exciting new movement and will lose financial support.

Corbyn's avoidance of forming a political party follows the best advice by political strategists who feel the parties have lost their credibility in our first-past-the-post electoral system and dog whistle identity politics.
  • Note: Update 26th January, 2021. We have since found out that the objective is not to drain the Labour party but rather to expand the base supporting increasingly relevant policies formulated by an even wider group of stakeholders.
Labour has become a case study in the way chaos can ensue when a militant and vociferous minority whose actual motivations are not those they voice, attack a leader.
  • Note: Update 26th January, 2021. The PPJ can have an effective impact in reducing the broader influence of the militants who have worked to remove Jeremy Corbyn from the Labout party
The facts are that our main political parties have unacceptable track records with their past and ongoing commitment to illegal and violent interventions in other countries creating the migration and asylum crises as well as implementaing macroeconomic policies that have delivered increasing hardship and injustice to growing numbers of the British constituency.

Hopefully this initiative can lead to a transition towards wider public forums of interest to the youth of this country for the exercise of public choice and establishment of priorities for the future, free from the cash rich special interest groups operating within the country and in support of policies of foreign governments.