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.... so that we may be free from corrupt representation, factional impositions and unjust settlements

Greta is right to keep those monkeys under pressure.
By 2060 I will be 40 and still paying off my student loan.
Monkeys would do a far better job...
The problem is the gorillas in the cupboard who fund political parties
But gorillas are vegetarians
Yes they don't realize there will not be enough green stuff to eat.
Then they need to become meat eaters
There will be even less meat
Oh well then they can become politicians and no need to make difficult decisions
Did you notice very few of the indigenous groups gained access to the COP(out) 26?
They know too much and would mess up the politicians "show"
They might spill the beans on how their governments do not protect them from intimidation and worse
The UK government (Presidency of COPout 26) will discuss whether or not to allow raw sewage pollute fresh water in the UK - in 2021!!!
And they are also talking about parliamentary standards and ethics but are not concerned about their standards of decision making
They need to make kicking the can down the road and Olympic sport
Yes, the big three would run away with all the medals and be proud of it!!
The media feed a diet of sport, celebrities and dollops of royal family, no wonder the voters remain in the dark about their reality.
Yes, it is like Brazil where soccer and Carnival are the staple diet to prevent a revolution.
The Brazilian president has gone round the bend - just awarded himself a medal of scientific merit!!
He is bound to lose the next election as should all governments ignoring our common environmental crisis
Notice nothing is being done NOW it will all fix itself in 20, 40 or 60 years time - !!!
Greta for world President!!!
There is not enough about effective solutions we can apply as people - all about big corps!
Politicians see themselves as leaders, where is the evidence? Greta said democracy is here - among the people - we need to organize this force.
"Poli-leadership" consists of staged and public relations Bla! bla! bla!
That is more profound than you imagine - I recall someone said this a few weeks ago..;-)
There has not been a serious study of the impact of 1.5 degrees C because in many countries this is already too much.
Some of the original economic studies said 4 degrees is OK!!
This was the result of typical correlative analysis - typical of academic economists, the sort who deliver financial crises.
The main impact of 1.5 degrees is to wipe out a large number of marginal agricultural production areas.
And something like 40% of low lying equatorial zones will face crop yield declines.
The human population is obviously too big for the planet.
We need to get used to the idea that we need to consume less and also create less waste.
There needs to be regulations on packaging - Amazon is creating a glut in cardboard with big boxes for tiny items - completely irresponsible.
Why not ban plastic? NOW. Reducing demand for petroleum derivatives can help force producer to become more environmentally conscious and to act.
The UK so-called net zero status is bogus because most stuff is imported and has a massive carbon footprint.
Environmental accounting needs to be applied to all of these "trade deals" the government keeps harping on about.
Well BREXIT really was a mirage and with this government so is their environmental agenda but no action approach.
Yes those duped into voting for BREXIT are those who will pay the price, along with the rest of us.
BREXIT is where lying gets you and our politicians are quite proficient at this type of cock up
On the topic of background info on climate change WikiLeaks has an important contribution - see here
Yes the past editor is in a British prison because he exposed the truth and this government is President of COPout 26!!
Yes this British government sets a wonderful example to those who intimidate and, in some cases, murder environmental activists.
They aren't an independent state, they do anything the US wants.
The current term is power-by-proxy. The proxy is the political party and the power is exercised by a powerful faction.
Is it really worth voting them?
Not really.....
Caroline Lucas needs to be given far more support.
Who is she?
Blimey..try Quanting...don't support Google ..She is with the GREEN PARTY. The link is here.
Yes these are a decent crowd worthy of our support. I really mean that.
Mmm wait for the UK free media to get going. They tend to crucify decent politicians.
Jeremy Corbyn is an example - most of what was stated including his antisemitic stance were all lies.
But Starmer is destroying the Labour party by becoming Conservative (light).
***Agree on last 2 posts (personal opinion) ..but please keep to blog topic..
Corbyn has a lot to good things to say about peace, justice and the UK media - not sure about his environmental position - will check.
He is at some of the side events at COPout 26.
With this $100 trillion held by financial sector how will they decide where to invest?
They don't really care, their interest is making sure there is enough collateral put up so all of the risk is on the borrower.
SEEL data, based on World Bank reports, shows that there is a 35% project failure rate and 45% in agricultural projects.
The SEEL data comes from the OQSI study on how the project environment has changed. They found that in 1960 85% of World Bank projects were subjected to detailed cost-benefit analyses (CBA) and in 2010 only 20% had CBA applied before funding.
Is that why the failure rate is so high?
It is related to this but also the bloated WB project funding leaves too much room for political corruption where recipients don't have the absorption capacity to apply the funds. Much ends up in political party coffers.
Isn't this an issue of transparency?
Yes, but since most of this is handled in "political circles" nothing is done to stop this diversion of the investment funds - so the income stream continues.
This why some WB "loans" are paid out to pay off the last "loan".
But with the climate change challenge we can't afford this sort of corruption.
This is why there are no "definite" declared plans or actions coming out of COP 26; all of this is for the chosen few. If they publish practical plans and procedures there will be too much competition with political interests to request funding.
I'm not so sure. I think they seriously do not know what to do.
Too many Johnny come lately experts advising them?
What sort of leadership is that - it is the "Oh I was so badly advised" situation
Or, "This policy (horrendous cock up) is a result of our following the science!!
Where is the meritocracy? Are they that incompetent.
Well, there is no doubt a significant Peter principle operating here - people rise to their level of incompetence.
The main problem is that the financial and hydrocarbon generators and the major benefactors of political parties and media advertisers - what can we expect?
Yes with all this green wash adverting by banks and petroleum companies they are attempting to drive the agenda.
The UK parliament seems to be awash with this problem. This became evident in a standards debate yesterday.
Yes UK parliamentarians receive a salary of more than £80,000 (about $110,000) each year plus a bunch of expenses and housing allowances with some of them earning well in excess of this working for private companies at the same time!!
What about their constituents?
Constituents? constituents? no, no, they don't matter.
In the shadow of COP26 the UK Conservative government are allowing sewage companies to pour raw sewage into fresh water rivers and harbours in the UK - so much for BREXIT and standards.
This multiple job situation seems to be concentrated in the Conservative party which receives much funding from exiled Russian oligarchs. Probably why they are so anti-Putin (Mr Gas).
Mr Gas' gas is cheaper than US LPG and with less emissions and provides a medium term flexibility in sorting out our energy mix.
So why is there an energy price crisis?
Because rather than do sensible fixed low price contracts with Mr. Gas we think the speculative spot market is better. It isn't.
NorthStream2 was slowed down by Mr Trump.
Yes he wanted to sell Us LPG at 30% higher price to Europe. Typical US blackmail when they claim to be champions of competition.
The USA is also protecting Ukraine
Well Ukraine were stealing transit gas from Russia - many people forget this.
But this State Department boss man said that America is concerned about the strategic reliance of Europe on nasty gas from Mr. Gas. Isn't that a point of concern?
As far as I know Russia, including in the Soviet era never went back on any gas supply contract. They have tended to honour their commitments.
Mmm. Unlike the US State Department concerning the Paris Accord, Iran Nuclear Deal and many others. USA is building up a reputation of being unreliable.
70% of the main global renewable resource technology production (solar, wind and electric cars) are to day produced by China. Yet the US is building up a cold war situation.

One of the impacts of temperature rising more than just 1 degree C is falls in crop yields in the equatorial up to 45 degrees north and south of E. There is a loss of soil water due to temp rise and lower crop yields.
This is something SEEL has also reported and there is a need to switch in adapted landrace crops as temperatures rise or grow at higher altitudes.
There is a lot on this including comments in the article on CC here Declining carrying capacity brings population growth back into focus
But SEEL also report that this will affect us here at our latitude - especially in lower lying regions in South East and East Anglia.
Yes even 1.5 degrees is too high.
What are landrace crops?
Landrace genotypes are varieties of crops that have been adapted over hundreds of years to specific climatic conditions i.e. temperature, water availability and soil type/fertility/acidity. These in many cases have not been catalogued but can be switched in to production systems as temperatures rise to maintain average yields.
SEEL have developed a project design system that maps genotypes over bioclimates and then applies this information to project design through a process known as locational-state genotypic sequencing.
I found an online article on this here.
Food production seems to be at risk and populations are rising. I didn't see anything about this mentioned in any detail at COP 26. I hope something like this comes out in the final plans.
I don't think climate scientists know much about this type of thing, it is too practical and this is why I don't think COP 26 will end up with useful plans...just declarations.
COP has ended and it has been a COPOUT because it has been in the hands of governments and political parties whose leadership lacks the ability to encourage nations to change behaviour.
Yes a deadly embrace - do nothing to inform the nation and win the next election - ask people to change their behaviour and the "freedom nutters" will make sure the election is lost to such parties....the exercise of freedom is often based on extreme selfishness and lack of concern for others
Typical politician behaviour
The unfortunate result is that people will lose their lives on an increasing scale because of the lack of action plans.
China, India and Australia have an economic interest in maintain coal as a major fuel. Too many people depend on this raw material. There needs to be a major investment to assist in this transition.
We are closing this blog - thanks to all who have contributed. APEurope will organize a media followup - to be announced on APE media.
I understand they are trying think up a clever title to the blog...
That's true - any suggestions gratefully received ;-)